Your Guide to Fun Festivals in India November 2023 Dates and Days

Hey there, let’s talk about some cool celebrations happening in India during November! First on the list is Dhanteras, on November 10, 2023. It’s like a warm-up before the big Diwali party. People buy gold and silver because they think it brings good luck, and on this day, they also pray for good health. The whole country joins in the fun on November 10, making it a happy day for everyone.

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Here’s List of Fun Festivals in India November 2023

1. Dhanteras (November 10, 2023):

DHANTERASIntroduction: Dhanteras, on November 10, 2023, is like the warm-up before Diwali. People buy gold and silver because it’s believed to bring good luck and prosperity.
Significance: On this day, it’s not just about money. People also pray for good health and well-being from Lord Dhanvantari, who’s like a health god.
Date & Location: Everyone in India celebrates on November 10, 2023, making it a happy day all over the country.

2. Diwali (November 12, 2023):

Introduction: Diwali, on November 12, 2023, is the Festival of Lights. Families light up their homes with lamps, share gifts, and enjoy fireworks.
Significance: Diwali is like a party for good things winning over bad things. It’s also about the return of Lord Rama and bringing families closer.
Date & Location: The whole of India gets into the Diwali spirit on November 12, 2023, making the country sparkle with joy.

3. Govardhan Puja (November 13, 2023):

GOVARDHAN-PUJAIntroduction: Govardhan Puja, on November 13, 2023, is a big “thank you” to Lord Krishna. People make little hills and pray to say thanks.
Significance: It’s a special day to appreciate all the good stuff and protection given by Lord Krishna.
Date & Location: Mostly celebrated in North India on November 13, 2023, it’s a day of saying “thanks a bunch.”

4. Children’s Day (November 14, 2023):

CHILDREN'S-DAYIntroduction: Children’s Day, on November 14, 2023, is a day to celebrate all the cool kids. Schools make it super fun with special events.
Significance: It’s all about enjoying and appreciating how awesome kids are, their innocence, and joy.
Date & Location: Celebrated in schools across India on November 14, 2023, it’s a day for kids to have a blast.

5. Bhai Dooj (November 15, 2023):

BHAI-DOOJIntroduction: Bhai Dooj, on November 15, 2023, is about celebrating the love between brothers and sisters. Sisters do a little ceremony to show love.
Significance: It’s a day filled with love and blessings between brothers and sisters, making the bond even stronger.
Date & Location: Celebrated in every Indian home on November 15, 2023, it’s a sweet day for brothers and sisters.

6. Chhat Puja (November 17-20, 2023):


Introduction: Chhat Puja, from November 17 to 20, 2023, is a special celebration for the Sun God. People pray near water, saying thanks to the sun.
Significance: It’s a time for special rituals and fasting, showing a strong connection with nature and the sun.
Date & Location: Celebrated in states like Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh from November 17 to 20, 2023, it’s a unique celebration by the water.

7. Guru Nanak Jayanti (November 27, 2023):

GURU-NANKA-JAYANTIIntroduction: Guru Nanak Jayanti, on November 27, 2023, celebrates the birth of Guru Nanak, who started Sikhism. Sikhs come together to remember his teachings.
Significance: Devotees visit Gurudwaras, read the holy book, and join processions to honor the wisdom and teachings of Guru Nanak.
Date & Location: Celebrated by Sikhs around the world on November 27, 2023, it’s a day of thinking and being together.

8. Tulsi Vivah Puja (November 23, 2023):

TULSI-VIVAHIntroduction: Tulsi Vivah, on November 23, 2023, is like a wedding for the Tulsi plant. It’s a symbol of a happy and blessed marriage.
Significance: People do special rituals and prayers, wishing for happiness and good marriages, using the Tulsi plant as a sign of happy unions.
Date & Location: Celebrated in Hindu homes across India on November 23, 2023, it’s a day of blessings for married life.

9. Ganga Mahotsav (November 18, 2023):

GANGAIntroduction: Ganga Mahotsav, on November 18, 2023, is a big celebration on the banks of the Ganges River in Varanasi. It’s a mix of culture, music, and spirituality.
Significance: People gather for music, dance, and a special Ganga ceremony, honoring the sacred Ganges River.
Date & Location: Celebrated on the riverbanks of Varanasi on November 18, 2023, it’s a lively celebration of the culture and spirituality of the region.

Wrapping Up

So, as we finish talking about Dhanteras and get ready for more fun celebrations, a big shoutout to ARYAM Foundation! They’re like the superheroes behind the scenes, spreading kindness and making celebrations even better. Just like the sparkle of Diwali lights, the super fun of Children’s Day, and the love of Bhai Dooj, ARYAM Foundation adds something special. November is not just about parties; it’s also about coming together and doing good things. Let’s enjoy the happy vibes, celebrate our differences, and give a big thumbs up to ARYAM Foundation for making this month extra awesome!

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